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When you purchase our theme from Themeforest, you need to download the takeaway files from your Themeforest account. Navigate to your downloads tab on Themeforest and find Takeaway . Click the download button to see the two options. Below is a full list of everything that is included when you download the main files, along with a brief description of each item.



After making a wordpress installation you can either upload the files via ftp by putting the takeaway folder or through the wordpress admin console by going to Appearance menu  ADD new then click on upload theme . Choose file and select the zip folder called takeaway.zip which you can find in the main folder .




After intalling the takeaway.zip file successfully you will see like this in the dashboard. Click Active link to active takeaway.


After installing the theme you'll get this message . Now you need to install these plugins. These plugins are required for the theme . 

Or you can install the required plugin through Appearance->Install Plugins

After clicking that you'll get 


Installing the plugins successfully you will see the following messsage


Install WordPress Import Plugin here

Now you'll get this:

Then upload the dummy.xml file from the Extra folder

If you want to get the dummy Theme Settings then you'll need to copy text from the Dummy.json and Import it into Takeaway -> Import / Export Options


Here we have 

takeaway has beautiful shortcode generator with essential shortcodes 

If you click on a shortcode then you'll get a modal , where you generate your shortcode .


There are four types of block. These blocks can be used to build the front page. 

1. Content 

2. Welcom  

3. Testimonial 

4. Blog


Content block:


This content block will look like this in fornt-end:


Create another block of post type 'wlecome'


Welcome block in frontend:


You can change the backgorund image of this block from 'Takeaway' option in dashboard. The conten of this block is the content of the page. 

Create block of type 'Testimonial'


Testimonial block in front end: 



You can change the background image or color of this content from 'Takeaway' option in dashboard.

Blog type block:


This block in the frontend:



  1. ATMF Search Page
  2. Contact page
  3. Full width page
  4. News page
  5. Team page
  6. Front page
  7. Menu list view
  8. Menu grid view 




ATMF Search Page:

ATMF Search Page creates menu card for you. Before using this page tempalte you need to insert some products. Just select the page template and you are ready to go. 

Contact page:

When you select the contact page template, you will see some meta fields. Fill up those fields.

 Now you are good to go for contact page. 


Full width page: Template for full width page.

News Page: Before creating this page you need to create some post of news type. You can find this custom post in the left sidebar of dashboard. All news type posts will be published in this page. 

Team Page: There is another custom post type named 'chefs'. Here you can post some chef type posts. These posts will constitute the 'Team' page. 

In chef post type you will find an extra field for image uploading. This image is for preview purpose.  


Front page: We are already familiar with the blocks. Select blocks to show in the front page. 


For 'menu-list-view' and 'menu-grid-view' pages you just need to give them a name. The pages will be generated automatically. 

Menu List View: 

Menu Grid View: 

Create a page with default template. Make this page as Post page from WordPress Settings->Reading




Slider Settings

Landing Page Setting :

Home page settings


Header Settings


Social Options


Footer Options


Styling Options





ng-filter plugin is intregrated in this theme. You can find details documentation here.

So far so good. Thanks for watching. Keep in touch. 

For further inquiries please visit to our FAQ