Wordpress Job Board

After purchasing the theme from Themeforest, navigate to your downloads tab on Themeforest and find careersWp . Click the download button to see the two options. Below is a full list of content that is included when you download the main files, along with a brief description of each item.


After making a wordpress installation you can either upload the files via ftp by putting the careers folder or through the wordpress admin dash board. Go to Appearance menu  ADD new then click on upload theme . Choose file and select the zip folder called which you can find in the main folder.


  globowp folder


After intalling the file successfully you will see like this in the dashboard. Click Active link to active careers.

theme install

***For better understanding go to:

After installing the theme you'll get this message . Now you need to install these plugins. These plugins are required for the theme.

Or you can install the required plugin through Appearance->Install Plugins







After theme and all necessary plugin set up please go to careers settings. 

Locate the Scubscription Plan tab. You can create unlimitted subscription plans here.

Fillout your forms and click push

Finally click store it.

Please set the payment option: in the stripe tab

Install WordPress Import Plugin here

Now you'll get this:

Then upload the dummy.xml file from the Extra folder

If you want to get the dummy Theme Settings then you'll need to copy text from the Dummy.json and Import it into Takeaway -> Import / Export Options


Here we have 

Create candidate full profile after register/login:

After login:
Locate at the bottom of the page or you can type


If you want to back to the site loacate it on dashboard and click and you're back to the site again from the Dashnoard.

You can create new job clicking Add Job

You can also see and choose plans: Make sure you have a free subscription for default fallback. And company user can select any kind of subscription plans by their need.

Home Settings:



Header Settings:


Top Nav Setting :


Search Page Settings: 

**Note: make sure you create those pages first. Then all you need is link it for homepage search page. If its job it'll redirect to job page with the search option and same for the candidate search page.


Social Setting: 






Footer Option: 


Styling Option:



About us page:

*** In the page template there is a template name About Us Page for the about us page template.

If you want to show the team in your about us page make sure you create your team otherwise it'll not show.

In the dashborad locate Teams add new

Privacy Policy page:



Terms & Conditions page:

*** Both "temrs & conditions" and "privacy policy" page are child pages to the about us page. So make sure you've done correctly.

Contact us page:




Contact us page: 


Create a page with default template. Make this page as Post page from WordPress Settings->Reading



So far so good. Thanks for watching. Keep in touch. 

For further inquiries please visit to our FAQ